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kil4me's Journal

23 December
Artist, Musician, Graphic Designer, Coffee Lurker
45 grave, adam ant, ant music, art deco, bacardi, bauhaus, beth's cafe, betty x, black atmosphere, black lipstick, black pillow, bob's java jive, bow wow wow, capitol hill, cex, china crisis, cobalt, coffee, coldwave, count duckula, couture, dada, darkwave, deathrock, depeche mode, donut picnic, electricians tape, exit to eden, faith & disease, falco, forced entry, front line assembly, fuzzbox, gothic, grape like a purple, hate dept., hedwig, hellbent, hollywood attacks, honey, hunters and collectors, industrial, java jive, katie's dimples, kickstand, kittie, kmfdm, korn, lateral tension, latex, le voyuer, lord byron, love & rockets, lush, lydia lunch, mary shelley, mission district, munsters, narcoma, november witch, ohgr, olympia, pistol for a paycheck, placebo, plaster, poppa wheelie, poppies, preraphaelite art, queenie blast pop, quiet after nine, red lori yellow lori, rendered harmful, renegade soundwave, revolting cocks, rhino humpers, route 666, science victim, scream club, seattle, secret joe location, sedated souls, sex pistols, shakabrah, sigue sigue sputnik, sisterhood, sisters of mercy, sky cries mary, smoking, soft cell, stigmata, stranged, stumpt, summer death camp, surrealism, t rex, tacoma, texylvania, the brotherhood, the chameleons, the cramps, the cure, the damned, the dirty looks, the fixx, the hurricaine, the meridian, the mission u.k., the monx, the real life trauma, the reef, the sisterhood, the usual, the vapors, the vogue, tom tom club, tones on tail, toyah wilcox, trash scene, tsol, tumwater, twitch, u district, uglyhead, unter null, utterance, voice of time, voodou, wax, winkie's, witch, wyoming band, yellow pages