kil4me (kil4me) wrote,

My Wedding Vows

Here I am as I knew I would be, giving myself to you tonight. I pictured being with you from early on and I love you, I think I have since I first showed you my art and poetry and listened to your caring and adoring responses. I know that God has put you here for me and had chosen the perfect timing for us to finally connect as a couple. He has shown me that daily in innumerable ways. We have been tested a few times in the last week and I’ve seen that barriers can’t stand in our way; I know we will always be able to stand together as one. I vow to always be your friend and treat you as I would have you treat me, kind and gently. I love you! I vow to listen and hear your needs and try to fulfill them in whatever way I can. You are the best part of me. I vow to take care of you when you aren’t feeling well; it makes me feel better and happier to be able to sooth and take care of you until you feel better. I vow to always be always being loyal to you, besides, no other could make me happier than you and not being faithful would just be dumb. I vow to share decisions with you, two heads are always better than one, especially on the important stuff. I vow not to stand in the way of your goals; instead I want to help you do whatever it is it takes to make your life feel whole. I vow to be grateful for the things that you do for me and not take you for granted. Without you I was incomplete, with you I am whole. I cherish you and already together I’ve been happier and I vow to make sure I do what I can to make that true for the rest of our lives.
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