kil4me (kil4me) wrote,

Here goes....

Last friday someone(i'm assuming my ex, because i saw her there) burnt down the trailer i was storing my stuff in behind the bar i work at. This should bother me, but i know that anyone who has such issues being bipolar would soon be put away and no longer be attempting to kill anyone. I have to buy all new paints now, no biggie because i've been blessed with good friends whom i'm sure will help me with that matter. Also I am in love, i got engaged last week, this is something i thought i'd never do again after living nine years of tragedy with a mean spirited person who dragged me down to the pits of despair. I have though found a person that brings me great happines and inspiration. I can't believe I'm smiling after seeing most things I owned burn, but my life isn't about my material possesions, I will however mis the 4 x 16 ft mural i was painting that was in there. whatever.
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